China Proposes to Amend the General Rules of Nutrition Labeling of Prepackaged Foods

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Posted By: Trace One

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On August 31, 2020, the National Health Commision of the People's Republic of China has published the draft document "GB 28050 National Food Safety Standard General Rules of Nutrition Labeling of Prepackaged Foods", available now for comments.

The draft is related to GB 28050-2011 published on October 12, 2011 and the main changes proposed are the following:

  • Extended of mandatory labeling of nutrients;
  • Added terminology and definition of energy and partial nutrients;
  • Modified the selectable marking content and added additional information;
  • Percentege error range of some nutrient content has been modified;
  • Modified prepackaged foods exempt from mandatory nutrition labelling;
  • Modified some nutrient reference values (NRV);
  • Modified nutrition label format;
  • Modified some nutritional claims and nutritional composition claims standard terms;
  • Increased reference value for prepackaged food servings.

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