CLP is beign updated: 17th ATP

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The 17th ATP of CLP

CLP is beign updated: 17th ATPOn March 11th 2021 Regulation 2021/849, corresponding to the 17th ATP, has been published on the official EU journal. This Regulation amends Regulation 1272/2008 (CLP).
The 17th ATP updates Annex VI to CLP by adding 2 harmonised substances, deleting one and changing the classification of 39 substances already incuded in the Annex.

17th ATP: what’s new?

Here are some of the most important modifications introduced by the 17th ATP:

  • Removal of the specific concentration limit for Repr.1B, H360FD for boric acid (Index 005-007-00-2), diboron trioxide (Index 005-008-00-8) and various borate under Index 005-011-00-4.
  • Introduction of the Acute Toxicity Estimate values for dicopper oxide (Index 029-002-00-X), dicopper chloride trihydroxide (Index 029-017-00-1), copper dihydroxide (Index 029-021-00-3) and other substances.
  • Modification of multiplicative factors for environmental hazard classifications for various substances
  • Introduction of the harmonized classification for Tetrafluoroethylene (CAS 116-14-3, EC 204-126-9) as 3.6/1B, H350 and for citric acid (CAS 77-92-9, EC 201-069-1) as3.3/2,H319 e 3.8/3, H335.

The 17th ATP will come into force on December 17th 2022, and can already be applied on a voluntary basis.
Trace One has planned a regulatory analysis of the 17th ATP, and will keep you updated on it.

Click this link to read the full text of the 17th ATP:

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