Codex Publishes Standard for Kava products for use as a Beverage

Posted By: Trace One

codex-publishes-standard-for-kava-products-for-use-as-a-beverageOn February 15th, 2022, the Codex Alimentarius published the “Regional standard for Kava products for use as a beverage when mixed with water”.


The scope of the standard outlines the following key points:

  • Applicable to fresh or dried kava products that are used to prepare a beverage when mixed with potable water;
  • Not for use in the final product as kava beverage or for medicinal purposes, or as ingredients in foods or other tradable product or for any other purposes;
  • No additives are permitted in the product;
  • The product shall meet all the required quality criteria such as being free from pests and any foreign contamination;
  • The moisture content of Kava products shall not exceed 12% moisture content;
  • The product shall comply with the required contaminants standards established by codex;
  • The product shall carry clear “instructions for use” as a key indicator of Labelling.

To view the complete standard, check out the Food News Monitoring System.