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Companies that invest in smart cloud compliance tools save money and time

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Posted By: Suzana Tripologos

This is the third post in a series adapted from our 2022 User Conference panel discussion about "Leveraging Technology to Confidently Move Products Around the Globe."

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Panel participants:
Suzana Tripologos, Trace One
Lindsay Runnels, Ghirardelli
Linda Lewis, Brown-Forman
Alex Eapen, Cargill

It’s unfortunate but true that “compliance” is sometimes seen by top food manufacturing executives as a “cost” and a “burden” instead of as an investment. But the fact is, smart, purpose-build compliance tools can facilitate innovation and enable product developers to explore and embrace the innovative ingredients hitting the market every day.

Roadblocks to smart compliance

As Food Manufacturing Magazine puts it, compliance personnel sometimes find themselves in the middle, “serving as the conduit between standards bodies or agencies and senior leadership representing manufacturing, supply chain and other key operational functions. The back-and-forth can be dizzying as one side expects compliance at all costs while the other desires getting product to customers faster and more efficiently than ever.” 

While there is up front cost and expertise required for great compliance technology it can immediately produce dividends. Seeing such tools in action and seeing the opportunities they create for product development has shifted the opinion of countless senior managers.

The right compliance software enables the creation of enduring products that can be sold in multiple countries  

Compliance software such as Trace One’s Trace One Regulatory Compliance, can be a game changer for companies large and small. 
Using Trace One Regulatory Compliance’s tools your team will be able to cross-reference your formulation, ingredients, and labeling with relevant country-specific regulations to ensure you meet required product documentation for multiple countries at the same time—shortening the time-to-market window.
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And because Trace One Regulatory Compliance can provide transparency and regulatory checks on formulas at any point during the development process, staff can have earlier warning to regulatory changes and issues with compliance. This expedites the regulatory team’s work and significantly reduces the risk of compliance failure.

Integrating Trace One Regulatory Compliance with Trace One Devex PLM: Cargill case study

Positioned to thrive in a constantly changing marketplace

Shifting from legacy to modern tools is never easy, especially for a large company, but for Cargill, the shift has been worth it. Since adopting Trace One Devex PLM with Trace One Regulatory Compliance integrated, every aspect of product lifecycle management has become easier for the storied firm.

With Trace One Devex PLM, Cargill now has a better handle on the myriad factors that impact compliance, including quality specifications, shelf-life data, manufacturing process steps, inputs and processing aids, and more. 

“Once we began creating formulas on the Trace One Devex PLM system,” says Sweeney, “we could check multiple countries and institute changes and updates with just a few keystrokes. It’s a profound difference from how we used to work.”

Invest in Trace One Regulatory Compliance from Trace One  

With Trace One Regulatory Compliance from Trace One, regulatory staff can run quick compliance checks, receive email alerts with aggregate news tailored to each user’s needs, and receive early notifications of regulation changes. Your subscription also includes access to a robust and constantly updated global regulation library. And should your project need extra assistance you’ll have the opportunity to engage our global regulatory consulting expertise for an additional fee. Trace One Regulatory Compliance also easily integrates with Trace One's formula-based Trace One Devex PLM system to further improve your product management workflow. 

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