Europe: Consultation on Occupational Exposure Limits on two substances

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The OEL consultation process

OEL-2The process of establishing Occupational Exposure Limits includes the preparation of a scientific report by ECHA to submit for consideration by the Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC), which will then use this report as the basis for the plenary discussion. This scientific report is also based on public consultation with stake holders, inviting them to comment on the report which will then support the RAC in the decision of adopting the occupational exposure limit.

What substances are the topic of these consultations?

Last September 29th 2021 ECHA opened the consultation regarding the substance 1,4-dioxane (CAS 123-91.1, EC 204-661-8), widely used as solvent in inks and adhesives, recommending an OEL 8h TWA value of 6 ppm

Furthermore, on October 11th 2021, ECHA also held another Consultation focusing on the substance isoprene (CAS 78-79-5, EC 201-143-3), frequently used in polymeric production, temporarily recommending an 8h TWA OEL of 3 ppm.

In any case, we remind you that this is only one of the first steps in determining an occupational exposure limit for the two substances: their publication will in fact only take place if and when a specific Directive is published by the European Commission.

For more information regarding the two OEL EU Consultation, please use the following links:

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