More Iconic Brands Join Trace One’s Trace One Devex PLM Roster in 2022

| Product Lifecycle Management
Posted By: Trace One

Trace One’s formula-based Trace One Devex PLM product lifecycle management (PLM) solution attracted new iconic international brands to its roster in 2022. It is a testament to the opportunities these businesses from diverse industries see in adopting a class-leading PLM tool.

Trace One Devex PLM continues to be the premiere PLM software for global manufacturers looking to update, improve, and innovate product lifecycle management within their business.

Whether they’re looking to replace an outdated PLM solution, upgrade important features and integrations with an up-to-date version of Trace One Devex PLM, or even to implement their first PLM solution, businesses of all sizes are partnering with Trace One to solve their most intractable and mission-critical pain points in their product development process.

Leading European drinks company turns to Trace One Devex PLM to gain a single source of truth

Trace One Devex PLM_Wins_Innocent_01

Innocent Drinks, Europe’s leading healthy drinks company, went live with Trace One Devex PLM in June 2022. With the help of software provider and technology consultant Trace One, Innocent Drinks gains a single source of truth, allowing it to efficiently scale new market growth and product innovation.

Trace One Devex PLM is a cloud-based solution for introducing full visibility into the lifecycle of a product, from ideation to shelf. By harmonizing data across production stages, Trace One Devex PLM empowers businesses like Innocent with greater visibility and traceability, allowing team members to share knowledge, ensure compliance and stay creative. The platform keeps Innocent current with the latest regulations across markets, enforces efficient communication with suppliers and maintains a centralized, accurate product data repository.

Lindt unites multiple global entities on a single Trace One Devex PLM platform
Trace One Devex PLM_Wins_Lindt_01

As a leading global manufacturer of premium chocolates, Lindt began standardizing its various companies on Trace One Devex PLM in 2015. Lindt’s use of the Trace One Devex PLM platform has now grown to include six independent subsidiary companies. In 2022, Lindt completed a major global upgrade that will enable all of these Trace One Devex PLM companies to leverage the latest software enhancements to standardize common product development processes in areas like Advanced Formulation, Regulatory and Product Portfolio Management.

North American division of AAK group integrates their processes and information management

Trace One Devex PLM_Wins_AAK_01

AAK Mexico, a North American division of the Swedish-based AAK group, is a global manufacturer of plant-based oils and fats with annual revenue of $4.8B USD and 4,000 employees. They have experienced sustained global growth without a formulation system to handle it, leading to unnecessary pain and expense across their teams. AAK Mexico turned to Trace One Devex PLM in 2022 to integrate with their existing ERP, provide enterprise security for their product development, and provide transparency for their teams with a single source of truth.

“After validating different alternatives to PLM, at AAK Mexico we selected Trace One Devex PLM 2022 Cloud because of how it will integrate our processes, thus meeting the expectations of the different areas in terms of information management, protecting the organization’s know-how at all times” 
-Claudia Guzman Corona, Customer Innovation Manager, AAK Mexico

An iconic global drinks brand improves compliance through visibility and transparency

Trace One Devex PLM_Wins_Cola_01

Another key benefit of Trace One Devex PLM that is helping global companies achieve their growth goals is improving compliance practices through the transparency and visibility provided by an integrated PLM. An iconic global drinks brand also joined the Trace One stable in 2022 with the vision of implementing automated formula assessment and enterprise business compliance management. The Trace One Devex PLM solution provides a “Compliance by Design” approach while providing visibility and transparency for global teams as they bring to market the next generation of iconic drinks.

Trace One Devex PLM streamlines ingredient evaluation for regulatory requirements and automatically generates accurate label contents, speeding up packaging preparations and getting products to market faster, with more confidence.

Sweetly improve R&D processes with a state-of-the-art PLM

Trace One Devex PLM_Wins_Ferrero_02

Global confectionary and chocolate producer Ferrero is an Alba, Italy based manufacturer with more than 760 recipes on the market sold in more than 170 countries. As a consequence of its rapid growth, the complexity of Ferrero’s R&D has increased markedly, and the company has been proactive in its search for a state-of-the-art lifecycle management tool to replace outdated and incompatible IT systems. In 2022 they chose Trace One Devex PLM as their solution, immediately bringing relief to their team and their budget.

For a formula-based manufacturer such as Ferrero, reengineering new product development (including R&D) through the Trace One Devex PLM produces a more efficient and agile organization. As Ferrero personnel learned first-hand, Trace One Devex PLM is the ideal tool for codifying and facilitating process changes.

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