Directive 2019/1831: new European occupational exposure limit values

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Directive 2019/1831: what’s new?

Directive 2019/1831: new European occupational exposure limit valuesOn October 24th 2019 the European Directive 2019/1831 has been published. This directive updates Annex III Directive 2004/37/CE, containing the occupational exposure limit values by adding new entries.

The ten substances added with Directive 2019/1831 are the following:

- Aniline (CAS 62-53-3)
- Chloromethane (CAS 74-87-3)
- Trimethylamine (CAS 75-50-3)
- 2-Phenylpropane (Cumene) (CAS 98-82-8)
- sec-Butyl acetate (CAS 105-46-4)
- 4-aminotoluene (CAS 106-49-0)
- Isobutyl acetate (CAS 110-19-0)
- Isoamyl alcohol (CAS 123-51-3)
- n-Butyl acetate (CAS 123-86-4)
- Phosphoryl trichloride (CAS 10025-87-3)

For some of these chemical agents, i.e. aniline, trimethylamine, 2-phenylpropane (cumene), sec-butyl acetate, 4-aminotoluene, isobutyl acetate, isoamyl alcohol, n-butyl acetate and phosphoryl trichloride, the short-term exposure limit values have been established. Regarding 2- Phenylpropane, currently listed in the Annex to Directive 2000/39/EC, the revised limit value will be inserted and the corresponding entry will be deleted from the Annex.

Directive 2019/1831 came into force on November 13th 2019, therefore member States have time until May 20th 2021 to adopt this update.

Trace One is already working on providing its customers with a data update concerning Directive 2019/1831.

To read the full text of Directive 2019/1831 follow the link:

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