Directive 2019/983: new European occupational exposure limit values

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Directive 2019/983: what’s new?


On June 5th 2019 the European Directive 2019/983 has been published. This directive updates Annex III Directive 2004/37/CE, containing the occupational exposure limit values by adding new entries.

The two substances added by Directive 2019/983 are the following:

- Formaldehyde (CAS: 50-00-0)
- 4,4′-Methylene-bis (2-chloroaniline) (CAS: 101-14-4)

Some exposure limit values indicated in this directive are not linked to single substances but they refer to a multiplicity of inorganic compounds. The three generic groups that have been added are:

  • Cadmium and its inorganic compounds
  • Beryllium and inorganic beryllium compounds
  • Arsenic acid and its salts, as well as inorganic arsenic compounds

Directive 2019/983 came into force on July 10th 2019, therefore member States have time until July 11th 2021 to adopt this update. Concerning the entry into force of limit values, transitional measures are in place for some agents. We recommend the consultation of the directive’s full text for further informations.

To read the full text of Directive 2019/983 follow the link:

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