EFSA Amends the Maximum Residue Levels for Tebufenozide in Apricots and Peaches

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Posted By: Trace One

Trace One_efsa-amends-the-maximum-residue-levels-for-tebufenozide-in-apricots-and-peaches

On January 29, 2021, the European Food Safety Authorities re-evaluated the existing pesticides and published “Modification of the existing Maximum Residue Levels for Tebufenozide in Apricots and Peaches.”

The key points of the documents are summarized herein:

  • The proposed uses of Tubefenozide are applicable for all the primary crops and rotational crops.
  • The studies indicate that the active substance is stable under various applications such baking sterilization and pasteurization.
  • The available residue trials are sufficient to derive an MRL proposal of 1.5 mg/kg for use on apricots and peaches.
  • The toxicological profile of tebufenozide was assessed under Directive 91/414/EEC and an ADI (Acceptable Daily Intake) of 0.02mg/kg body weight was derived.
  • Estimated long term dietary intake for toddler was derived at 69% ADI.
  • Consumer risk assessment and long-term exposure assessment to toxicological reference pose no risk to consumer health.

To view the complete assessment report, check out the Food News Monitoring System.