EFSA Reviews Existing Maximum Residue Levels for Pinoxaden

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Posted By: Trace One

On March 25, 2021, the European Food Safety Authority released the scientific opinion “Review of the existing maximum residue levels for Pinoxaden according to Article 12 of Regulation (EC) no 396/2005”.

The key points are summarized as below:

  • The scope is to assess the occurrence of Pinoxaden residues in plants, processed commodities, rotational crops and livestock
  • Existing conclusion of existing MRL’s were derived from EU NO 188/2011, Codex Alimentarius Commission as well as the European authorizations.
  • MRL’s for plants have been recommended at 0.7mg/kg.
  • Animal’s meat and fat have been proposed at 0.02mg/kg and Animal’s milk at 0.01mg/kg with data gap requiring further consideration.
  • Consumer risk assessment data was conducted and no risk to consumers was identified with certain missed regulatory information’s. Hence, the consumer risk assessment is considered indicative only and MRL proposals derived by EFSA requires further acceptance.

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