EU Amends Pesticide Regulation 396/2005

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Posted By: Aleksa Soldatic

Trace One_EU Amends Pesticide Regulation 3962005

European Parliament has adopted a new amendment to Regulation 396/2005, setting new limits for the substance lambda-cyhalothrin. Regulation (EU) 2018/960 was adopted on July 6, 2018, and it replaces all the limits set in the previous Regulation (EU) 2017/626.

The new amendment also updates notes for almost all food categories listed in the regulation. In addition, there were changes in the names of categories under PRODUCTS OF ANIMAL ORIGIN -TERRESTRIAL ANIMALS. Its sub-category, previously called "tissue from"  is now changed to "commodities from." Three new categories were also added:

  • Products of animal origin - fish, fish products and any other marine and freshwater food products
  • Products or part of products exclusively used for animal feed production
  • Processed food products

No limits yet are applied for these categories, only the notes stating "No MRLs are applicable until individual products have been identified and listed within this category."

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