EU Modifies Existing Maximum Residue Levels for Cyflufenamid in Blackberries and Raspberries

| Contaminants & Pesticides
Posted By: Trace One

On August 30th, 2021, the European Food Safety Authority evaluated the metabolism of Cyflufenamid in plants belonging to fruit crops with the article “Modification of the existing maximum residue levels for cyflufenamid in blackberries and raspberries” in accordance with Article 6 of Regulation (EC) No 396/2005.

The main objectives of the technical analysis are the following:

  • To derive MRL proposals for blackberries and raspberries (red and yellow);
  • Establish analytical methods to control the residues of cyflufenamid at the validated limit of quantification (LOQ) of 0.01 mg/kg;
  • The proposed MRL’s is established at 0.07mg/kg for blackberries and Raspberries for EU uses in a greenhouse;
  • Short-term and long-term intake of residues resulting from the use of cyflufenamid according to the agricultural practices is unlikely to present a risk to consumer health.

To view the complete assessment report, check out the Food News Monitoring System.