EU proposes to amend maximum residue limits for Isofetamid in Certain Salad Plants

EU Proposes to Amend Existing Residue Levels for Isofetamid in Certain Salad Plants

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Posted By: Abed Moghrabi

EU recall (6) (1)On August 9th, 2023, the European Food Safety Authority published the regulation on “Modification of the existing maximum residue levels for Isofetamid in certain salad plants” in accordance with Article 6 of Regulation (EC) No 396/2005.

The scientific document emphasizes the following key points:

  • MRLs have been proposed for lamb's lettuces/corn salads, cresses and other sprouts and shoots, Roman rocket, baby leaf crops, etc.;
  • Residues of Isofetamid on the commodities were established at an LOQ 0.01 mg/kg;
  • Short and long-term intake of residues is unlikely to present a risk to consumer health.

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