EU Re-evaluates Thaumatin (E 957) as a Food Additive

Posted By: Trace One

On November 30th, 2021, the European Food Safety Authority on Food Additives and Flavorings has published the “Re-evaluation of thaumatin (E 957) as a food additive”.


The output of the assessment is highlighted as follows:

  • Risk assessment of certain food additives indicated that thaumatin is a digestible protein;
  • Adequate exposure estimates show no concern with respect to the genotoxicity, oral allergenicity from the available human data;
  • No acceptable daily intake (ADI) for thaumatin (E 957) was considered necessary;
  • Based on a margin of safety (MOS) and using the highest 95th percentile (P95) exposure of 0.48 mg/kg BW per day in consumers was drawn;
  • No safety concern for thaumatin (E 957) at the regulatory maximum level exposure assessment;
  • Recommendation on new specification limit for the minimum combined content of thaumatin I and II proteins in E 957, a specification limit for yeast, mold counts, and Salmonella spp, and lowering the existing maximum limit for arsenic along with the inclusion of maximum limits for mercury and cadmium.

To view the safety assessment document, check out the Food News Monitoring System.