EU Reviews the Existing Maximum Residue Levels for Pesticide Pyroxsulam

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Posted By: Trace One

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On October 08, 2020, European Food Safety Authority issued the scientific opinion “Review of existing maximum residue levels for Pyroxsulam” based under Article 12 of Regulation (EC) No 396/2005.

The scope highlights the scientific data of the currently established Maximum Residue limits (MRL)

  • Data review based on the metabolic study in plants, the risk assessment is associated with the cereal crop groups.
  • Pyroxsulam is licensed for use on crops that could be given to livestock.
  • OECD guidelines and assessment carried out on the dietary costs calculated for livestock groups the limits were less than 0.1 mg/kg of dry matter (DM).
  • Studies on metabolism performed on lactation goats and laying hens.
  • The highest chronic exposure represented 0.01% of the DGA (Danish child).
  • All the requirements of regulatory framework were present and no risk to consumers was identified.

The MRL was approved by EFSA on September 15, 2020.


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