EU Safety and Efficacy of a Feed additive consisting of Sodium alginate for all Animal species

Posted By: Trace One

On March 07th, 2022, the European Food Safety Authority published an article on the “Safety and efficacy of a feed additive consisting of sodium alginate for all animal species” in accordance with the principles laid down in Regulation (EC) No 429/2008.


The scope of the document highlights the following:

  • Sodium alginate is a highmolecularweight polymer naturally occurring in brown algae;
  • Intended to be used as a technological additive such as thickeners and gelling agents;
  • The additive is intended for use in feeding stuffs for all animal species at a proposed minimum concentration of 2,000 mg/kg feed;
  • The maximum concentration limit is set at 30,000 mg/kg feed;
  • Sodium alginate is hazardous by inhalation and is not irritant to the skin but should be considered as an irritant to the eye and respiratory system;
  • The use of sodium alginate in animal nutrition is considered safe for consumers and the environment;
  • The safety of sodium alginate for the target species or on its efficacy as a thickener or gelling agent in feed could not be concluded.

To view the complete safety assessment report, check out the Food News Monitoring System.