EU Safety Assessment of Cetylated Fatty Acids as a Novel Food

Posted By: Trace One

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On July 21, 2021, the European Food Safety Authority released the scientific opinion on “Safety of Cetylated Fatty Acids as a Novel Food pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2015/2283.”

The scientific report highlights the safety of Novel Food. Key points are summarized as follows:

  • The NF concerns primarily a mixture of Cetylated myristic acid and Cetylated oleic acid synthesized including other Cetylated fatty acids and other compounds from olive oil.
  • The NF is intended for use in food supplements for the general adult population.
  • Cetylated fatty acids are safe at an intake of 1.6 g per day for the intended target population
  • The stability test data provided sufficient information with respect to the stability of the NF for a duration of 12 months.

To view the complete assessment report, check out the Food News Monitoring System.