Europe - Amendment of CLP Notes: the 16th ATP has been published

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The 16th ATP of CLP

Europe - Amendment of CLP Notes: the 16th ATP has been publishedOn 20th April 2021 Regulation 2021/643, corresponding to the 16th ATP, has been published on the official EU Journal.
Generally, ATPs introduce updates to the CLP Regulation concerning the harmonized classifications of substances present in Annex VI or amendments implementing GHS revisions (i.e. 12th ATP). In this case, the 16th ATP of CLP regulation introduces relatively small changes by amending the wording of some notes present in subsection and, part 1, of Annex VI to CLP Regulation. More specifically, the notes that have been updated are the following: Notes J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, 8 and 9.

This amendment aims to improve the wording of these notes in order to eliminate the inaccuracies and uncertainties about the correct interpretation of legal obligations. If there are any doubts about the classification of the substance, we recommend, as usual, to ask your supplier of the substance for more information.

Integration of ATP 16th within Trace One’s solutions

Since ATP 16th does not introduce any modifications to the classification criteria or introduce new harmonized substances in table 3 of Annex VI, this ATP will not be indicated in the drop-down list “ATP version and status” (Trace One SDS Authoring Corporate/Trace One Devex PLM)/ “Authority” (Trace One SDS Authoring Professional). Starting from the SDSs created with ATP 14th, the notes updated by ATP 16th will be automatically printed on the SDS (e.g. in case a substance has been declassified). The regulatory reference of ATP 16th will also be reported in Section 15 of the SDS.

For more information, please consider reading the full text of the regulation at the following link:

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