Europe - An update in the GB MCL list proposed by the HSE

Europe - An update in the GB MCL list proposed by the HSE

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Following the exit of United Kingdom from the EU, the European implementation of the Globally Harmonized Standard (CLP) has been retained with minor changes to be implemented as the GB CLP Regulation.

However, the list of harmonized classification reported in Annex VI to CLP Regulation was not automatically implemented in GB CLP.

Following the publication of the first batch of Mandatory Classification and Labelling list (“MCL list”), the HSE recently proposed another update of the MCL list regarding certain substances, some of them subjected to the 14th and 15th ATPs of CLP Regulation.

GB MCL list update: what?

The following changes to the MCL list have been proposed:

  • As the 14th and 15th ATPs have not been retained by GB CLP, an update of the MCL list must be issued to remove the harmonized classification updates brought by those ATPs. Around 90 substances will be affected by this.
  • The “EUH204” additional label element will be removed from certain substances


The expected dates of entry into force and compliance for these substances will be the date of publication in the HSE GB CLP publication table (April 2024).

Traceone is paying close attention to the evolution of the regulatory situation and will keep you updated on any news in this regard.

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