Europe: ATP 12 applies from October 17th 2020!

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The 12th ATP of CLP

Europe: ATP 12 applies from October 17th 2020!On March 28th 2019, regulation (UE) n. 2019/521 was published in the Official Journal of the European Union.

The 12th ATP aligns the CLP criteria with the 6th and 7th editions of the UN GHS. More specifically, it introduces a new class for desensitised explosives and a new category for pyrophoric gases. It also introduces a new 1% generic cut-off value for components classified as STOT SE 3 and as toxic via aspiration for what concerns the hazard calculation of mixtures.

The 12th ATP further clarifies when it is appropriate to assign statement EUH208 to substances with specific concentration limits (SCL).

Lastly, the 12th ATP amends the text of some H and P statements. Regarding this, we report an error in the Regulation: although ATP 12 includes updates to the criteria for assigning precautionary statements (included in part 1 of Annex IV of CLP), some of these changes have not been reflected in the related multilingual tables included in part 2 of the same Annex. Consequently, for the statements P103 and P280 there is no consistency between the text reported in part 1 and the text reported in part 2 of Annex IV. Take a look, as an example, to statement P103:

  • Read carefully and follow all instructions. (part 1, Annex IV)
  • Read label before use. (part 2, Annex IV)

In any case, we remind you that the introductory paragraph of Annex IV allows a certain flexibility for the texts of precautionary statements. Nevertheless, we have extracted the updated translations of P statements directly from each individual Regulation text, keeping the previous P statements as variants to allow greater flexibility.

When ATP 12 takes effect?

ATP 12 applies from October 17th 2020. This Regulation shall be binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all Member States, without a derogation period.

For more information, take a look to regulation 2019/521 available in English at the following link:  

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