Europe: The 17th ATP applies from December 17th 2022

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The 17th ATP of CLP

On March 11th 2021, the European Commission published on the Official Journal of the European Union the regulation (UE) n. 2021/849, also known as the 17th ATP amending Reg. 1272/2008 (the European implementation of the GHS standard).

The 17th ATP updates annex VI of CLP by adding 22 new harmonised substances, deleting one and changing the classification of 39 substances already included in the annex.

Among other changes, we remark the:

  • Removal of the specific concentration limit for Repr.1B, H360FD for boric acid (Index 005-007-00-2), diboron trioxide (Index 005-008-00-8) and various borate under Index 005-011-00-4.
  • Introduction of the Acute Toxicity Estimate values for dicopper oxide (Index 029-002-00-X), dicopper chloride trihydroxide (Index 029-017-00-1), copper dihydroxide (Index 029-021-00-3) and other substances.
  • Modification of multiplicative factors for environmental hazard classifications for various substances
  • Introduction of the harmonized classification for Tetrafluoroethylene (CAS 116-14-3, EC 204-126-9) as 3.6/1B, H350 and for citric acid (CAS 77-92-9, EC 201-069-1) as3.3/2,H319 e 3.8/3, H335.

When ATP 17 takes effect?

ATP 17 applies from December 17th 2021. This Regulation shall be binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all Member States, without a derogation period.

The update related to 17th ATP is already available for the Trace One suites.

For the text of the regulation, please use the following link: