Europe: The 21st ATP of CLP

Europe: The 21st ATP of CLP

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Posted By: Trace One

The 21st ATP of CLP

On January 5th 2024 Regulation 2024/197, corresponding to the 21st ATP , has been published on the official EU journal. These Regulations amend Regulation 1272/2008 (CLP).

21st ATP: what’s new?

The 21st ATP updates Annex VI to CLP by modifying 26 entries (among which we note benzyl alcohol, CAS 100-51-6, and methyl acrylate, CAS 96-33-3), and adding 41 new entries, among which certain nonylphenol isomers.

21st APT: when?

The 21st ATP will apply after September 1st 2025, but can be applied voluntary starting from January 25th 2024.

Traceone (previously known as Selerant) has planned a regulatory analysis of the 21st ATP, and will keep you updated on it.

Click this link to read the full text of the 21st ATP: