The Open Public Consultation on EU regulations on cosmetic products has been published

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Europe: The Open Public Consultation on EU regulations on cosmetic products has been publishedThe Open Public Consultation process

The Cosmetic Products Regulation (Regulation 1223/2009) is the main regulatory framework for finished cosmetic products placed on the EU market. It lays down the rules applicable to all cosmetic products to ensure a well-functioning internal market and to provide a high level of public health protection.

In line with the objectives of the “Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability”, the European Commission seeks feedback from all interested parties to further improve existing provisions relevant to the safety of various hazardous substances and their exceptional and stringent use in cosmetics.

This consultation follows a four week-consultation on the inception impact assessment published in October 2021. The Commission will use the results of both consultations to assess the relevance of new measures to further cost-effectively improve the safety of cosmetic products.

The survey: what’s new?

Here below we report the most interesting among the topics discussed, hinting at what may be the future intentions of the European Commission:

  • an automatic ban of the most harmful chemicals (e.g. CMRs, endocrine disruptors, etc.), allowing their use only where it is proven to be essential;
  • a new measure to take into account the combination effects from simultaneous or subsequent exposure to chemicals from different sources;
  • a review of the definition of nanomaterial;
  • an improvement of the labelling information on cosmetic products (digital labelling);
  • a reassignment of the work of the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in order to streamline scientific assessments of cosmetic products.

This Consultation will run until June 20th 2022.

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