European Union (EU) Food Recalls on Multiple on Food Products – November 2019

| Food Safety | European Union
Posted By: Lionello Sannuto

Trace One_EU-food-recalls-November-2019

On November 04 and 06, 2019, the European Union (EU) has issued multiple notifications on recalled food products, as reported in the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF).

Among others, the following agents have been identified:

  • Salmonella in pistachio kernels with raw material from Iran, packaged in Switzerland (2019.3842), in tahini from Mexico (2019.3914) and salmonella enterica ser. Bovismorbificans (presence /25g) in chilled turkey meat from Spain (2019.3851).
  • Ivermectin unauthorised in frozen boneless beef from Brazil (2019.3850)
  • Aflatoxins in dried figs from Turkey (2019.3856 and 2019.3909) ;
  • Formetanate in peppers from Turkey (2019.3857);

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