FDA Reopens Comment Period on Use of Ultrafiltered Milk in Cheese and Cheese Products

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Posted By: Trace One

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On December 30, 2019, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States of America has announced the reopening of comment period for the proposed rule ‘‘Cheeses and Related Cheese Products; Proposal to Permit the Use of Ultrafiltered Milk.’

The proposed rule was published on the Federal Register of October 19, 2005 and was aiming to provide for the use of fluid ultrafiltered milk in standardized cheeses and cheese products manufacturing.

The FDA is now willing to collect comments on current industry practices on the use and labelling of fluid ultrafiltered milk when used as an ingredient in standardized cheeses and cheese products.

Comments are being accepted for 90 days.

Check the full text of the announcement here and stay up-to-date on updates on this topic with our Food Law Library!