FSANZ Issues Consumer Information Standards (Origin of Food) Regulations 2021

Posted By: Trace One

On May 10, 2021, the Food Standard Australia New Zealand published “Consumer Information Standards (Origin of Food) Regulations 2021”. The standard prescribes consumer information that requires the disclosure of origin or other information about a regulated food item.

The main focal points of the document are the following:

  • The standard covers certain simple foods and cured pork that are supplied, or offered or advertised for supply, at retail.
  • The information generally relates to a country, some special cases that have special requirements or do not require disclosure.
  • Focus on terms such as fresh and minimally processed foods has been provided with examples of processing types such as surface treatments, blanching before freezing, vacuum sealing.
  • Information on origin and general requirements of disclosure have been clearly indicated.
  • Frozen food is excluded for the first 18 months i.e. until May 12, 2023.


To view the complete regulation check out the Food News Monitoring System.

The regulation will come into force on November 12, 2021.