FSANZ Publishes Food Standards Code - Maximum Residue Limits Schedule

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Posted By: Trace One

On March 21st, 2022, the Food Standards Australia New Zealand’s Federal Register of Legislation published the article “Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code-Schedule 20-Maximum residue limits”.

The document summarizes the following:

  • The amendments are made under section 92 of the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991 unless otherwise indicated;
  • The Standard applies in Australia only;
  • In New Zealand, maximum residue limits for agricultural compounds are set out in a Maximum Residue Limits Standard;
  • The compilation No. 65 of Schedule 20 includes any commenced amendment affecting the compilation until the published date of this document;
  • Amendments do not have a specific date for cessation unless stated as such;
  • The Uncommenced amendments or provisions which will cease to have effect may be reflected in the Schedule indicated with markings;
  • Maximum residue limits for Abamectin, Aclonifen, Afidopyropen, Bifenazate, Chlorantraniliprole, Dithiocarbamates, Etoxazole, Florylpicoxamid, Glyphosate, Imazapic, Mefentrifluconazole, Pendimethalin, Spirotetramat, Trifloxystrobin, etc., have been amended.

The regulation is in force from February 22nd, 2022.
To view the complete regulation, check out the Food News Monitoring System and stay up to date.