GCC Releases Draft Standards on Additives Permitted for Use in Food Stuffs

Posted By: Besma Ettoumi

Trace One_GCC-draft-vitamins-minerals-dairy-standard-May-2020On 30 September, 2020, Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) associated with World Trade Organization proposed draft technical regulation on “Additives Permitted for Use in Food Stuffs”

The GSO 2500/2020 standard introduces maximum limits for permitted additives in food for various food categories. While these limits align with the initial limits set by Codex, GSO has listed food additives under various functional classes with maximum limits.

The scope of the document sets forth the conditions under which food additives may be used in all foods. Clarification notes have also been addressed in the standards with reference to the food stuffs.

The draft is open for comments until 30 November, 2020.


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