Germany Introduces the QM Milk Standard 2020

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Trace One_Germany Introduces the QM Milk Standard 2020-January 2020

On January 01, 2020, the German association Qualitätsmanagement Milch (QM Milch) has published the “QM Milk Standard 2020: National Standard for Milk Production”.

In 2002, with the support of the dairy industry the German Farmers' Association (DBV), German Raiffeisen Association (DRV) and German Dairy Industry Federation (MIV) QM Milch put the milestones for a nationwide, uniform quality management system for milk.

The scope of the published document is to cover all basic requirements for milk producers who follow the QM certification programme in the production of cow's milk in Germany. The conditions refer to legal provisions, good farming practices, and further requirements for milk production.

The QM Milk standard 2020 has immediate effect.

Check the full standard here or in our Food Law Library.