INACAL Approval of Peruvian Technical Standard on Table Grapes

Posted By: Trace One

Trace One_inacal-approval-on-peruvian-technical-standard-on-table-grapes

On June 25, 2021, The National Institute of Quality (INACAL) of the Ministry of Production approved the Peruvian Technical Standard "NTP 011.012: 2021 Table grape Requirements.”

The technical standard underlines the following information:

  • It is applicable to the commercial varieties of bunches of table grapes obtained from the species Vitis vinifera L, belonging to the family Vitaceae, which must be supplied fresh to the consumer, after packaging.
  • Grapes intended for industrial processing are excluded.
  • Bunches and grape berries must be free from foreign objects without affecting the overall appearance of the product.  No presence of abnormal external humidity, except for condensation resulting from their removal from a cold room; as well as strange tastes or smells.
  • The grape grains must be well-formed and developed with a satisfactory degree of maturity according to the variety.
  • The classification of various categories of grapes is based on the quality requirements.
  • The materials used inside the packaging must be of first use, clean and of quality in order to avoid any external or internal damage to the product.  The use of prints on packaging materials is also allowed, as long as they do not contain toxic substances.
  • The bunches must be disposed of in packages that conform to the Recommended International Code of Practice for the Packaging and Transport of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (CXC 44-1995).

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