India Issues Direction on Operationalization of FSS (Nutra) Regulations, 2022

Posted By: Trace One

Trace One_china-issues-health-food-regulation-on-nutrient-supplements-and-claims-2020-editionOn May 10th, 2022, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India published an “Order dated 10 May 2022 in continuation to the direction issued dated 29th March 2022 regarding the operationalization of FSS (Nutra) Regulations, 2022”.

The document summarizes the following:

  • Applicable on health supplements, nutraceuticals, food for special dietary use, food for special medical purposes, and prebiotic and probiotic foods;
  • Provision 5(4) (a) of Nutra regulation 2022, has a cross-reference to the additives listed in the 2011 regulation to be used at GMP levels;
  • The protein and enzymes specified in the Schedule III of FSS 2022 Nutra regulation have been excluded for use in health supplements.

To view the document, check out the Food News Monitoring System.