India Publishes Food Safety and Standards  First Amendment Regulations 2021 on Edible Oils and Sweeteners

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On September 16th, 2021, the Food Safety Standard Authority of India has issued a Gazette Notification on “Food Safety and Standards (Labelling and Display) First Amendment Regulations, 2021" regarding the labelling of Multi-source Edible Oil and the revision of labelling requirements for sweeteners.


The scope of the document summarizes the following:

  • The regulation amends the Food Safety and Standards (Labelling and Display) Regulations, 2020;
  • Mandatory declarations in regulation 7 of Amendment includes packaged food containing ingredients and or additives as stated in schedule II of the regulations, the same shall be prominently displayed on the label;
  • Sweeteners such as Sorbitol and Sorbitol syrup must comply with the labelling declaration as provided;
  • Aspartame (Methyl ester), marketed as “Table Top Sweetener” has been omitted;
  • Labelling of rice bran oil shall be declared in the ingredient list as “Physically Refined Rice Bran Oil";
  • Packages containing a mixture of edible oils shall carry the following label declaration in bold - “MULTI-SOURCE EDIBLE OIL”.

To view the complete regulation, check out the Food News Monitoring System.