Keeping up with consumer trends in 2022

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It’s no secret that how we purchase and consume food has changed over the last decade.

Plant-based meat, home delivery meal kits, and customized formulas based on dietary restrictions are just a few of the trends we are seeing in manufacturing food in 2022. Today’s consumers expect the food they purchase to be sustainable, and they want to know more about the food they buy and consume.

That said, consumers expect food manufacturers to offer personalized products. Now, more than ever, it’s easier for consumers to demand the type of food they want and how they’ll get it, including delivered straight to their doorsteps.

Keeping up with these trends requires food manufacturers to maintain agile product development processes.

What today’s consumers expect from today’s manufacturers

Put bluntly, today’s customers want the ability to control their food experience, whether it be through specific ingredients, packaging, or any other aspect that can seamlessly mesh with their lifestyles.

In fact, according to The Food Industry Association, 97 percent of consumers hold the manufacturers responsible for supplying the information they need to make an ethical, safe, and happy purchase. 

So, what does this mean for food product quality if consumers control the narrative?

Often, when it comes to new product development, there are several challenges manufacturers face:

  • Getting to market fast before the competition
  • Reducing development time and costs
  • Meeting changes in regulation
  • Creating high-quality products with minimal errors
  • Managing development across multiple teams

Food product quality must adapt to keep up with customer demand by producing high-quality food at a low cost that’s still compliant with industry regulations. This requires collaboration among product developers, R&D teams, and other internal and external stakeholders. Everyone needs transparency, visibility, and access to data, recipes, and workflows—all in real-time.

Having the right tool to keep up with today’s customer

The Trace One Devex PLM Advanced Formulation Suite enables optimal product development for recipes and packaging while accelerating formulation, ensuring compliance, and meeting product requirements.​

As R&D teams move through the stages of the product development lifecycle, the Advanced Formulation Suite makes it easy to find inspiration for new recipes, test your formulations, and adjust ingredient levels as needed—all while staying compliant and within budget.

The result? Customized products launched faster, collaboratively, and in adherence with industry regulations.

You won’t have to worry about whether the most up-to-date information is communicated across teams because every change you make—down to specific ingredient levels—is updated in real-time. You’re left with more time developing new products, improving products and delivery, and enhancing productivity and resource utilization.

Growing with the consumer

By utilizing a modern PLM like Trace One Devex PLM, not only is your product development process optimized, but you’re also able to develop and deliver products that match consumers’ ever-evolving demands.

Staying relevant in 2022 means getting to market ahead of the competition, reducing formulation development timelines and costs, staying current with changes in regulation, embracing collaboration, and creating high-quality products that consumers want.

Solutions like Trace One Devex PLM and the Advanced Formulation Suite help food manufacturers accelerate recipe development, giving access to new innovative products without increasing production costs.