Korea Proposes New Rules on Food Labelling Standards

| Korea
Posted By: Irene Piao

selerant-Korea Partially Amends Health Functional Food Code

On April 11 and 15, 2019, the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MSDF) proposed multiple drafts on food labelling rules to adopt:

  • “Partial Amendment (Draft) Food Labeling Standards (No.2019-192)”: in this draft, rules specified in Korean Food Labeling and Advertising Acthave been deleted.
  • Partial Amendment (Draft) Children's Favorite Food Nutritional Content and High-Caffeine Food Labelling Standard and Method (No.2019-193)” and “Partial Revision (Draft). Standards And Methods For Labelling Which May Caused Allergen In Children's Preference Foods (No. 2019-194)”, related to terminology and expressions of the daily values for nutrients labelling have been revised.
  • “Partial Amendment (Draft) Labeling Standard of Health Functional Food (No.2019-195)”, where new rules are proposed on the labeling of original equipment manufacturing (OEM) of health functional food.
  • “Establishment Notice (Draft) Regulations on the Demonstration of Labeling and Advertisement for Food Products (No.2019-203)”, that includes requirements for the demonstration data in relation to the food labeling demonstration system.

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