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Korea Releases Technical Document on Health-Functional Food Raw Materials in Aloe Gel

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Posted By: Ryan Chen

eu-proposes-import-tolerances-for-the-pesticide-deltamethrin (1)-Jun-26-2024-12-38-34-7606-PMOn 25th June 2024, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety issued technical document on the “Publication of Health Functional Food Raw Material on Aloe vera Gel”.
The key points in the publication are as follows:

  • Processed Aloe vera gel must contain more than 30 mg/g of total polysaccharides and moisture 98.5-99.5%;
  • The Aloe gel without peel is evaluated as safe for use;
  • Presence of Anthraquinone compounds in aloe leaves and latex raise safety concerns;
  • The International Aloe Science Committee (IASC) revised existing standards and set the Aloin gel below 10mg/kg;
  • Intake of Aloe Vera gel aids in skin health, Intestinal health, and enhances immunity;
  • Individuals are advisable to consult with specialist to avoid any allergic/abnormal symptoms.
The standard limit on aloin gel is effective from January 01, 2025.

To view the complete regulation, check out the Food News Monitoring System and stay up-to-date with the latest regulatory information.