Labelling hazardous chemicals in compliance with CLP

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Labelling hazardous chemicals in compliance with CLPLabelling is a process aimed at communicating hazard to downstream users and consumers. It is a relevant activity for distributors, manufacturers and importers. In EU, this happens in accordance with the CLP regulation.


The regulation specifies the need of applying a label to a chemical product when:

  • the substance or mixture is classified as hazardous;
  • the mixture contains one or more hazardous substances above a certain threshold;
  • the good has explosive properties.

The CLP regulation further details the content and elements of the label, such as:

  • name, address and phone contact of the supplier;
  • amount of product within the packaging available to the public, when not specified elsewhere;
  • product identifiers;
  • when needed: hazard pictograms, H and P statements, UFI code and further info from specific regulations and so on.

The Trace One SDS Authoring solution

Trace One SDS Authoring makes label management easy, thanks to a dedicated software suite. An example is HazPrintNET, our solution for a simpler label printing process that takes label data directly from your database, minimising label data entry.

The Trace One SDS Authoring solution

HazPrint NET lets you print hazard label in a fast and reliable way.

For those who use an ERP for managing their labels and label data, PrBatchNET automates label printing while combining hazard and logistic data.

The PrBatch solution

Both solutions come with LabelDrawNET, our label design tool that makes designing label templates easy and efficient.

Beyond CLP

There are further non-EU regulations that have their own requirements concerning labelling of hazardous chemicals. HazPrintNET and PrBatchNET let you manage these needs too, by connecting with Trace One SDS Authoring modules that implement other non-EU hazard regulations.

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