Morocco Amends Rules for Dairy Manufacturers on Production and Marketing of Milk and Dairy Products

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Posted By: Besma Ettoumi

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On April 12, 2019, the Office National de Securite Sanitare des Produits Alimentaires of Morocco published the “Decree No. 2-18-709 of 8 Rejeb 1440 (15 March 2019) amending and supplementing Decree No. 2-00-425 of 10 Ramadan 1421 (7 December 2000) on control of the production and marketing of milk and dairy products“

The amendment involves the following points:

  • Definitions of reconstituted milk, milk preparation and powdered milk, specified in Article 1;
  • Conditions for manufacture of reconstituted milks, provided in Article 9:

Powdered milk and dairy preparations supplemented with soluble starch may be used at the dose of five (5) grams per thousand (1000) grams of powder. This measure does not apply to milk powder destined for a final consumer and marketed in containers of up to 5kg, melted cheese and light melted cheese.

Check the full text of the amendment here or at this link directly in our Food Law Library.