New Amendment For Mexico Additives Regulation

| Mexico
Posted By: Ofelia Medina

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On February 9 and 14,  2018, new amendments to the “Agreement that determines additives and adjuvants in food, beverages and food supplements, their use and health standards – DOF 16/07/12” were published in the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risk (COFEPRIS) website.

The additions listed below of new substances and/or functions for existing substances published in these amendments were approved by the Secretary of Health to be used in certain food categories.

Annex II – Additives with different functions that can be used according to GMP

Cassia gum can be used as emulsifier, thickener, humidity retention agent, texturizer and stabilizer. This Annex lists some exceptions of use for specific food categories like: fresh milk, fresh meat, spices, etc.

Annex XI – Flavors

Mexico has added to the flavors list “Synthetic flavors” and “Natural identical flavors” coming from FEMA lists.

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