Watch the Replay - New ATPs of CLP regulation and titanium Dioxide: technical and regulatory updates

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Posted By: Trace One


About the webinar

From the regulatory point of view, this webinar will present you the updates related to the 14th and 15th ATP of CLP regulation, with a focus on titanium dioxide. The webinar will also show you the last updates of Annex VI to CLP regulation and other regulatory updates.
From the technical point of view, the webinar will show you the new functionalities implemented in the new releases of Trace One SDS Authoring Professional/Corporate and Trace One Devex PLM.


  • Regulatory updates
    • The 14th and 15th ATP of CLP regulation
    • Focus on titanium dioxide
    • Other regulatory updates
  • Technical updates
    • Implementations of the new ATPs
    • Implementations of the new setting created to handle titanium dioxide
  • Q&A
    Attendees will be welcome to ask questions at the end of the presentation in a lively Q&A session.

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