New confidential ranges for section 3 of Canadian SDS

Posted By: Trace One

What does this update entail?

whmis-2015-canadaRegulation WHMIS 2015, implementing the GHS in Canada, has been updated in order to include defined concentration ranges that can be used in section 3 of Canadian SDS when a trade secret has been claimed.

Up to now, WHMIS 2015 permitted only the “actual” concentration (or the “actual” concentration range) unless an application of confidential business information (CBI) had been filed to Health Canada (and the related fee payed).

Thanks to Regulation SOR/2018-68, published on 18 April 2018 and already in force (from 4 April 2018), it is now possible to use concentration ranges to protect the confidentiality without the need to make an application.

The regulation prescribes a specific set of concentration ranges that can be used together with the indication that the actual concentration is withheld as a trade secret.

Trace One is working to provide its customers with an implementation of this regulatory update.

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