New Hazex Cloud release (Available from 5th of June)

New Trace One SDS Authoring release (Available from 5th of June)

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Posted By: Trace One

We're excited to take another step toward making Trace One SDS Authoring more powerful and user-friendly for you. In Trace One SDS Authoring’s latest release we’re introducing the Great Britain GHS module, expanded data coverage, and enhanced SDS functionality. Here’s an overview of the key enhancements:

  • Great Britain GHS. The system now supports the UK-Reach and CLP regulations in a dedicated module, to allow the management of GHS classifications and the generation of SDS documents according to the latest GB regulations.
  • SDS’ section 3 components ranges editor. Edit the ranges of components printed in section 3 of your SDS, without external tools. Store your edited document in the system and speed up the approval process.
  • SDS’ sections 2 and 3 consistency validation. Trace One SDS Authoring now provides automatic and massive control of consistency between information printed in sections 2 and 3 of SDSs, with automatic correction of inconsistencies found to ensure that SDSs are always accurate and compliant with regulations.
  • SDS’ section 8 National OEL management. Improved SDS authoring efficiency – you can now selectively print national OEL data for the relevant country in SDS section 8. National OELs data are also available on demand as a regulatory Data Package.
  • Fragrance Allergen Analysis Calculation. Benefit from an integrated solution for fragrance suppliers who need to perform an allergen assessment of the products and report the content of allergens in the fragrances produced. Trace One SDS Authoring also provides the list of fragrance allergens substances extracted from EU regulation (1223/09).
  • MAL-Code Regulatory Analysis (Denmark). We introduce new framework for calculating the MAL-Code of Mixtures, starting from the date of the substances. Data extracted from MAL regulation (MAL-Factor, F-Factor, and Number-After-Hyphen) are also available on demand as a regulatory Data Package, helping to support business development in Denmark.

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