New SVHC substances have been added to the Candidate List

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Which substances has been added to Candidate List?

candidate-list-2018_02On request of the European Commission, a Member state or ECHA may propose the classification of a substance as substance of very high concern (SVHC). If such classification occurs, the aforementioned substance will be added to the candidate list for its eventual inclusion in Annex XIV. The inclusion of a substance in the candidate list generates obligations for companies producing, importing or using such substances as is, in preparations, or in items.

On June 27th 2018, ten substances have been added to the Candidate List. Among these there are three siloxanes used in cosmetics and cleaning products. The substances are the following:

  • Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane (D4) (CAS 556-67-2)
  • Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane (D5) (CAS 541-02-6)
  • Dodecamethylcyclohexasiloxane (D6) (CAS 540-97-6)
  • Lead (CAS 7439-92-1)
  • Disodium octaborate (CAS 12008-41-2)
  • Benzo[ghi]perylene (CAS 191-24-2)
  • Terphenyl hydrogenated (CAS 61788-32-7)
  • Ethylenediamine (EDA) (CAS 107-15-3)
  • Benzene-1,2,4-tricarboxylic acid 1,2 anhydride (trimellitic anhydride) (TMA) (CAS 552-30-7)
  • Dicyclohexyl phthalate (DCHP) (CAS 84-61-7)

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