New TSCA Inventory rule

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nl-linkedin_tsca_ENWhat is the TSCA Inventory?

When preparing a US SDS, section 15 will show data concerning the TSCA federal regulation (Toxic Substances Control Act). The TSCA Inventory lists all the substances manufactured or processed in the USA.

The TSCA Inventory list also designates if the listed chemicals are “active” or “inactive” in the US market (TSCA Inventory Notification (Active-Inactive) Rule).

In order to determine which substances were "active" in US commerce, companies manufacturing, importing or processing chemicals subject to the TSCA Inventory had to notify such activities to the EPA. This happened in a 10-year period that ended on June 21st 2016. In February 2019 the EPA published a new version of the TSCA Inventory that included this information.

What's new?

Starting from August 5th 2019, companies manufacturing, importing or processing chemicals will have to provide a notification to EPA when reintroducing an "inactive" substance to the US market. This notification can be done via a Notice of Activity Form B, found on the EPA central data exchange (see link below).

After receiving this notification, EPA will change the substance status from "active" to "inactive".

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