Nigeria's Standard Organization Reviews Soft Drink Standards and Develop Standards for Energy Drinks

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Posted By: Kanimozhi Kajamohideen


March 11, 2018: The Standard Organization of Nigeria has emphasized the need for Nigeria to determine safe benzoic acid levels in soft drinks or consider alternative preservatives.

A call for approval of the five draft standards which includes:

  • Soft Drinks (under review)
  • Energy Drinks
  • Ginger Drinks
  • Sparkling Drinks
  • Fruit Squashes, Concentrates and Fruit Cordial Concentrates.

As said in the forum, “...standard development and review are targeted to ensure the health & safety of consumer as well as guide for manufacturing and import to promote fair trade practices."

The energy drink was one of the most highly consumed non-alcoholic drinks by adolescents. However, adverse health effects are recently being attributed to the rate of consumption of these drinks due to the high caffeine and sugar content.

The technical committee will carry out this task in setting the standards that will henceforth create the good quality and food safety standard.

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