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Philippines Proposes Guidelines on Food Additives and Processing Aids

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Posted By: Ashwanandhini Govindarajan

On January 19, 2023, the Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines published an article on the “Revised Guidelines on Food Additives and Processing Aids” per section 15 of Republic Act (RA) No. 9711. 

These guidelines outline the following information:

  • The condition under which food additives may be safely used and the maximum quantity allowed in the food; 
  • To harmonize local food regulation with international food control laws, rules, and regulations;
  • To update the list of permitted food additives for their use and application; 
  • The requirements of general and specific guidelines and transitional provisions for the use of additives have been indicated in the food category system;
  • The Order shall apply to all manufacturers, distributors, and traders;
  • “Regulatory Guidelines Concerning Food Additives”, “General Regulation Governing the Prohibition of the Use of Cyclamic Acid and its Salts”, or the “Updated List of Food Additives” and other related issuances contrary to the provisions are repealed.

The proposed guide shall be effective fifteen days after its publication in the Official Gazette. 

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