PLM simplifies ingredient approvals and regulatory compliance for one large food manufacturer

| Product Lifecycle Management | Food & Beverage
Posted By: Trace One


This topic was first presented at our 2021 annual user conference. 

As global food manufacturers move into new markets around the world, they have to be certain their ingredients comply with complex regulations that differ from region to region.

Ingredient regulations are always in flux, with countries present different standards and regularly updating laws and guidelines. It’s a challenge for companies to keep track of, and often extend beyond what is and what isn’t permitted in a recipe. In some regions, one ingredient may be legally defined as natural, whereas in a nearby region the same ingredient may be legally classified as processed.

To stay compliant with different international regulations, the R&D and FSQR teams at one of the largest food manufacturers in the world uses Trace One Devex PLM to harmonize efforts across 125 different countries so that employees can efficiently collaborate on ingredient approvals.

PLM tools pinpoint ingredients and requirements

In relying on Trace One Devex PLM to create a profile for each ingredient and its market regions, the company can select the regions intended for each ingredient and share information to internal stakeholders. Approvers can then review ingredients against different requirements—including label claims like kosher, allergen, or GMO—ensuring every ingredient meets the requirements and specifications for its intended market.

“The regulatory approvers can make sure we have the right documents and the right supporting data to move that ingredient to an approved status so it can be used in the region for innovation and development for the customers in that region or country,” says the company’s Director of R&D Shared Capabilities.

This provides real-time visibility into the product development process, ensuring ingredient approval, speeding time to market, and preventing risks of product recalls.

“Trace One Devex PLM makes collaboration on data to support approvals more efficient,” says the director, allowing the company to “design products that really meet our customers’ needs for ingredient functionality, for nutrition and health, and so many other challenges.”


By using Trace One’s platform, manufacturers can be sure that every ingredient in a product is correctly identified. When a product is labeled as “organic”, for example, Trace One Devex PLM verifies that all the regional requirements for organic products are met.

PLM makes things simple

It is crucial for companies to keep abreast of the markets they serve. But it can be difficult to stay current on so many changing regulations throughout various countries and regions.

With tools like Trace One Devex PLM, manufacturers can be confident that each ingredient in each product meets regulation. Automated verifications catch human errors, reducing the risk of a recall. Regulatory definitions are routinely updated in Trace One Devex PLM for you, making it easy for you to be confident in your compliance efforts.

Increasing visibility and adding automation improves collaboration and speed to market, which is a necessary for being successful in a highly competitive, highly global industry.