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What’s in a label? The implications of product labeling requirements of adult beverages in international markets

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Posted By: Trace One

One of the final steps of bringing your new beverage to market is producing packaging with proper regulatory-compliant labeling. As you are well aware, the nuances and particularities of labeling requirements can give your compliance team quite the headache. 

Does your label need pre-approval from the United States’ Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)? Does your product need nutrition information, or even a list of ingredients? What is the proper font size for the government warning, and what language is required?

The answers depend on the classification of your product and which countries you’ll be selling in. Cross-referencing this information and ensuring regulatory compliance across all applicable packages is a complex, risky, and potentially costly endeavor.

One product, two important nearby markets: Labeling in China and Taiwan

Each country or trade union has its own set of rules about labeling, including what information is required to be disclosed and how it is formatted. Common examples include specific “government warning” language for alcoholic content that needs to be printed at a minimum font size and in a particular format. Often, all of this information must be translated into the local language to be compliant. 

Let’s look at the two nearby markets, China and Taiwan, and see how label requirements for alcoholic beverages differ. 




The example from China includes several specific items, almost all of which must be translated into Chinese. The Taiwanese example requires fewer items but is no less nuanced: you still must format your alcohol content as degrees and use one of several specific government-approved warning phrases. 

Understanding label requirements for these markets is a complex task that benefits from a deep understanding of regulatory requirements.

Where can you turn for an easily searchable, cross-referenced database of international labeling regulations?

Getting labels and compliance correct for your alcoholic beverages is crucial to having a global product. With so many variations across the world, how does your team stay atop of changes and ensure accurate compliance?

Trace One’s Trace One Regulatory Compliance database is easily searchable, cross-referenced, and provides forward-looking functionality for compliance today and tomorrow. You’ll find accurate information on labeling requirements as well as formulation and ingredient regulations from all corners of the globe.

Whether you’re developing new products and are looking for a compliance solution or are looking for ongoing regulatory support for existing products, Trace One Regulatory Compliance gives your team the tools it needs to stay ahead of regulations.