The Singaporean authority confirms a two-year transitional period for its classification and labeling systems update

Singapore: A two-year transitional period has been confirmed

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Posted By: Trace One

The Singapore GHS update

Following the consultation ended on June 6th 2022, Enterprise Singapore published the update of the standards for classification, labelling and safety data sheets compilation (SS 586:2022), aligning them to the seventh revision of the Globally Harmonized System.

However, Enterprise Singapore had yet to confirm whether a transitional period was in place and, if so, its duration.

The transitional period

Last April 6th 2023, the Singaporean authority released a circular on the matter, confirming that a two year transitional period has been agreed, ending on February 6th 2025.

After this grace period, the classification and label of substance and mixtures and the respective Safety Data Sheets must comply with the updated SS 586 standard.

As a reminder, here below brief summary of the changes Singapore introduced with the SS 586 update:

  • Desensitised explosives hazard class
  • Subcategorization for flamable gases, category 1 in 1A and 1B
  • New hazard category, pyrophoric gases, within the hazard class flammable gases
  • New additional label element for Combustible dust
  • Various modification to the Safety Data Sheet format, such as cut-off limits for Section 3 and physico-chemical properties for Section 9
  • The update of the label elements to GHS 7 standards

Trace One has planned a regulatory analysis and implementation of the Singapore GHS, and will keep you updated on it.

For more information on the official Singaporean standard and circular, please consult the following links: