Goodbye, spreadsheet. Hello, PLM.

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Posted By: Trace One

Spreadsheets have long helped companies and individuals around the world stay organized. But things have changed.  


Business is more dynamic, markets and consumer behaviors are changing faster than ever, and industry-leading firms need more flexibility and capability than standard office solutions.   

Has your company reached the stage where growth, productivity, and employee happiness could be enhanced by switching from a spreadsheet to a well-designed product lifecycle management (PLM) solution?   

Your teams need access from anywhere, anytime 

PLM is a solution for manufacturers with distributed operations and global footprints.   

Unlike popular spreadsheet options intended for a single PC, PLM solutions give entire teams easy, secure access to the information they need in order to make timely decisions about the product roadmap.  

Without a comprehensive PLM system, data collects in silos and winds up stored in segregated tools, folders and—you guessed it—spreadsheets owned by disconnected teams. 

 This makes visibility, accuracy, and traceability difficult through all phases of a product lifecycle—from initial research, to compliance, to marketing and distribution.   

You need the ability to collaborate seamlessly 

PLM can improve collaboration and efficiency in communication—across a company and beyond. By tying information together and removing silos, PLM software makes it easy for managers to link ERPs and other systems. 

This is accomplished in two ways. First, information becomes linked and centralized, which breaks down silos. Second, it enables collaboration. In a distributed world where success relies on the ability to accelerate, having the ability to innovate, design, and deliver quality products as a team is key. 

You need a single database and one version of the truth 

Intelligent PLM solutions provide workers with a single, centralized hub containing one version of the truth—also known as SSOT—with no conflicting updates, changes, or deletions.   

Unlike a spreadsheet, PLMs give team members an easy-to-follow audit trail and full version control.  

Once established as an SSOT, a company’s PLM provides access to quality data that is consistent for users no matter where they reside. 

You need hosting in secure, redundant servers 

Switching to a PLM platform can boost organizational safety by managing hosting in secure, redundant servers and by:  

  • Providing permissions-controlled access and “read-only” and “read-write” functionality. 
  • Protecting access via secure usernames and passwords.  

A flexible PLM solution such as Trace One Devex PLM, created by Trace One, offers multiple, secure deployment options. Users of Trace One Devex PLM can choose:  

  • On-premises: for companies with sophisticated systems and infrastructure that need complete control over their own data centers. 
  • Trace One Cloud: a no-fuss, low-cost solution managed and supported by Trace One with state-of-the-art security, segregated customer data and data encryption. 
  • Private Cloud: for companies with a strong infrastructure in place with Azure or AWS. Private Cloud combines the flexibility of on-premises deployment with the security of the cloud. 

Farewells don’t have to be hard 

With Trace One Devex PLM you can quickly create and launch a well-defined PLM solution for your specific business process needs without custom coding.  

Unlike a spreadsheet, modular and configurable Trace One Devex PLM offers linear and intuitive solutions that reduce the time needed to confirm data accuracy while improving quality and reliability, ensuring compliance on critical legislative requirements, accelerating product launches, and empowering teams to stay current on compliance documentation—all in a stable, SSOT environment.  

Trace One Devex PLM helps manufacturers achieve ambitious goals and stay ahead of the competition. Such agility is key for meeting consumer demand, especially in uncertain times.   

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