The 49th Amendment of IFRA implementation has been postponed

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What is IFRA?

The 49th Amendment of IFRA implementation has been postponedIFRA is the official self-regulatory representative body of the fragrance industry worldwide dedicated to ensure the safety of fragrance materials based on the risk assessment carried out by an independent Expert Panel.

One of its role is to evaluate data on a fragrance ingredient to make sure there is no risk for the consumer and, in case the safety assessment does not support the current use, the Panel instructs IFRA to issue a Standard either restricting, banning or giving additional instructions for the material use. The list of standards is periodically modified and the IFRA 49th Amendment has been published on IFRA website on 10 January 2020. .

IFRA 49th: what’s new?

Due to the current market condition, drastically modified by the pandemic due to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the consequent COVID-19 disease, many companies and associations have reported to IFRA difficulties in meeting the implementation dates of the 49th Amendment.

Therefore, the IFRA Board met on March 30th and, after a careful evaluation of the pros and cons of reviewing the timelines already communicated, decided to postpone for three months the implementation of the 49° Amendment for new and already existing creations, releasing the informative letter 1089 last April 2nd.

Title 3 IFRA 49th: When?

Following the extension granted, the implementation timelines for the 49th Amendment of IFRA standards are as follows:

  • for new creations the date of enter into force is 13 + 3 months after the date of the letter of Notification (i.e. May 10th 2021)
  • for existig creations, the date of entering into force is 25 + 3 months after the date of the letter of Notification (May 10th 2022).

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